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When selecting a builder for your dream home, the stakes are incredibly high. After all, you’re about to invest an amount that could easily rival the cost of two Lamborghinis. So, how do you ensure that the builder you choose is the right one? It’s crucial to know what to look out for and the red flags that could signal potential trouble. Here are key factors to consider, ensuring your builder is competent and reliable.


Experience is Key: According to, a builder should ideally have been in business for at least 15 years. This benchmark isn’t about the individual experience of the staff but rather the longevity of the builder entity itself. Such a track record suggests solvency and the ability to navigate market fluctuations, safeguarding your investment and warranty from the risks of bankruptcy.


Staffing Levels Matter: A builder with fewer than 5 office employees can be a red flag. We recommend choosing a builder with at least 10 office staff members. This criterion excludes tradespeople and commissioned salesmen, focusing on genuine, full-time employees. A well-staffed builder is more likely to manage projects efficiently and provide reliable customer service.


Beware of High Deposits: As previously discussed, high builder deposits are a significant warning sign. These deposits are often non-refundable, posing a risk if the builder fails to complete your home. A reasonable deposit structure is crucial to protect your financial interests. For a deeper dive into this topic, refer to our earlier posts.


Land Acquisition Capability: The ability of a builder to secure a substantial number of lots is a testament to their industry standing and operational capacity. Builders limited to 20-60 lots may not only receive less desirable locations but also indicate limited influence and resources. Opt for a builder with the capacity to acquire and develop a larger portfolio of lots, ensuring access to premium home sites.


Sales Performance: A builder’s ability to sell their constructed homes and acquired lots swiftly is a critical indicator of their market relevance and financial stability. Slow sales can signal potential insolvency risks, making it essential to choose a builder with a strong sales track record.


Final Thoughts

While most builders are competent, professional, and genuinely nice, it’s crucial not to let a pleasant demeanor overshadow thorough due diligence. Remember, the model home experience, complete with welcoming salesmen in ties, gestures and sales pitches, is designed to sell. Before committing to a builder, conduct extensive research, read reviews, and consider their history, staffing, financial practices, and market performance.

Choosing the right builder for your new home is a significant decision. By being vigilant and informed, you can select a builder that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring your investment is as secure and rewarding as possible.

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